Keep It Simple – Shopping for Furniture by Size

Keep It Simple – Shopping for Furniture by Size

There are over 2000 bookcases on…not to mention over 6,000 tables and shelves! So you would think finding the right one is easy…but it is not, because you cannot search by size.

When we bought our house, I was trying to figure out where to put everything and what new furniture I would need to buy. Because I have so many books and DVDs that I like to keep tidy, bookcases were high on the list.

Now, let me tell you something I learned – check the dimensions before you order!

When I was searching for the perfect bookcases my office I ended up buying based on price, style, customer reviews, and shipping costs. I didn’t, however, pay enough attention to size. The bookcases ended up being much smaller than I expected. Barely 4 feet tall, although they looked taller than me in the picture – a good 6 foot, I was thinking.

Now I have learned, and these days when online shopping, I pay much more attention to the dimensions! In fact, I can quote the exact size of the bookcase I am looking for to use in the kitchen for cookbooks and a shelf for my spices. It has to be less than 30 inches to fit under the chair rail moulding, and I’d like it to be longer than 36 inches, so there is lots of room.

But I can’t search by size on Amazon?

I browsed through hundreds of bookcases on Amazon looking for short and wide items. I even looked at console tables to see if they would match my space. Amazon doesn’t seem to index the item dimensions in a way that allows us to search through them. This gave me an idea though. I still haven’t bought the bookcase I want, but I’ve narrowed it down to two. One is a little bit too tall, and the other is a little bit too long.

A website that lets you filter the search based on dimensions


Bed Market will let you narrow the list of bookcases on Amazon by entering the length, width and/or height of the space you have to fill. You can restrict it with all three ranges or just one or just minimum or maximum sizes. The items on the site all come from Amazon and mostly include bookcases, but other types of furniture are planned to be added in the future.